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Study Plan / Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose Format – CSC Scholarship 2021

Study plan is compulsory document for Scholarship application for Master degree. For csc scholarship, it should be around 800 words in Chinese or in  English. When you are writing a study plan don’t forget to mention your related work with your supervisor at your target university. Try to write simple and comprehensive, Don’t try to copy-paste just get idea from this post and write your own area of interest.
People are mostly confused about the Study plan, personal statement, and Research proposal.
Study Plan and  Personal Statement / Motivation letter are almost the same things with very little difference, Mostly used for Master Application, for CSC scholarship you can give the name as a study plan to your personal statement or motivation letter, its same thing if you are applying for csc scholarship. Don’t forget to put 800 words in your file.
Research Proposal is a comprehensive research design format Mostly use for PhD admission application. Detail check in post How to write Research Proposal for PhD –a Sample proposal
 Study Plan:
 [Even you can write without Subheading in Paragraph format.]
By the fact, I am a socially active person with a friendly nature, a good communicator who is blessed with many friends. Besides that, I always feel very joyous and fortunate to meet with great people belonging to different backgrounds and cultures. 
Academic background and skills:
I have completed my undergraduate studies in food science and technology from the National Institute of  Food Science and Technology, XYZ [Uni name –Country].During my study i was a good and energetic student , very often involved in many curricular and co-curricular activities. I was up to the mark and honored in the top 20’s list of 120 students in my undergraduate class.
Agriculture[Your major ] is the backbone of XYZ and the economy of  XYZ mostly relies on agriculture. I have a strong agriculture background, our major source of income is agriculture. So because of my personal interest and enforcement of my father, I join XYZ  for my further studies. In the first four semesters, I studied agriculture with basic subjects. I also studied two courses in food science and technology. I got some interest in this field.
  Many questions are all beyond my knowledge and they initially sparked my interest in the Food industry. Flirting with “food” has created wonders. My obsession with the subject encouraged me to work and learn hard. i studied different courses in my previous classes , those courses built a sense of the entire picture of the subject. 
Additionally i was a school incharge  of our class in absence of  Teacher,  It is a job with responsibility more than honor and I strive to dedicate myself to the school career. Some activities were held successfully under my servicing. Such as fellowship with other college students, class outing, quiz, marketing/sales contest etc. The art of dealing with “people” is learned from these activities. 

My tutor always obliges us to work independently and resourcefully. This concept is with me during university time and it develops my imagination, my creative potential and strengthens my hands-on capability.
As the trend in XYZ  and globally changes that people prefer food who retains its original characteristics for a longer time. So it is the duty of food scientists to provide nutritious and safe food.I am aware that the global environment is underway to change, thus me must strive to conserve the resources for sustainable livelihood on this planet.It is, therefore, imperative that different mechanisms and strategies may be adopted to overcome the food losses in order to achieve maximum results.
Study plan in China:
I would like to apply for a master’s degree in Food Science and Technology in China because during my study and current industrial internship experience I come to know the vast practical applications of food science and technology and food engineering. This caught my attention and created a thrust of knowledge in me to choose my study course. Therefore, I would like to gain deeper into theoretical and practical knowledge in the start and managing most innovative projects. On completion would like to participate in such fields to benefits its economy and enhance the living standards of my compatriots. This will be of great help in my future career.
Reason to study in China:
Now the question arises why China? Through international analysis China  
[ write a paragraph about your feeling towards Chinese universities level , their rapid growing economy , Chinese culture and these things can influence you to come china for study in future. Try to mention only positive things , political view  or religious views should avoid ]
                   Personal statement /Motivation Letter
During the last four years, I studied Agriculture with specialization in Agronomy at the XYZ. The emphasis of my studies was to understand the fundamental principles that govern modern day plant production but I also learned about other diverse fields such as Food Science, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Physiology, Soil, and Environmental Science, Forestry, Plant Pathology, Horticulture and Agricultural Extension etc. I have an interest in a range of Molecular Biology-based courses, including Cellular/Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology. This stems from inspiring science teaching during my terminal degree. As a student, I am able, conscientious and focused. I have self-confidence to present my views to the people in an effective manner. Molecular Biology is a wide field that deals with things from diseases of plants to the study of behavior of various insects at molecular level. It also unravels reproduction in plants and mutations in pathogens. Moreover how genes and proteins function, regulate and what are the underlying working principles of cells? It is my unchanging aspiration to explore and discover the mysteries of the inner workings of life in the cells and molecules as a biologist and as an agricultural professional. I am aware that global environment is underway to change; thus we must strive to conserve the resources for sustainable livelihood on this planet. It is, therefore, imperative that mechanisms and causes of the stress effects on plant growth and development may be determined systematically, and strategies may be adopted to overcome adverse effects of stresses in order to achieve maximum productivity from the high temperature and drought-hit areas. I want to be armed with the theoretical and practical knowledge from an international institute of repute so that I could fulfill my carrier ambitions. I am delighted to find that I am getting closer and closer to the point of realizing this aspiration of mine. One of my greatest passion of life is to learn and work under the esteemed supervision of foreign experts in hi-tech laboratories, to explore this wonder field of science, to acquaint my self with modern technologies so that upon my return I may prove a valuable contribution to the field of Plant Molecular Biology to serve my country in a better way. 

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