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How to Apply For Chinese Government Scholarship 2021 – CSC Scholarship Application Procedure

Every student has a dream of studying abroad to explore his full potential and foreign exposure, and only those who can afford final expenses can do so. The scholarship is a forum providing an opportunity for disadvantaged students who are unable to travel to study abroad.
This blog post addresses the Chinese Govt. Stipend, China has a wide selection of universities and scholarships where you can apply to your academic degree without an English Exam (IELTS) or higher score. Read this post carefully about Chinese Government Stipend and useful connexion listed in the post as it completes guidance and information
  China Scholarship Council (CSC) Announce the high number of Fully Funded Scholarships for Bachelor, Master, and PhD students across the world. Fully Funded Monthly stipend is 3000-4000 RMB Scholarship Council only accepts recommended applications from the dispatching authorities in your country or the Chinese Universities under the Chinese University Program of CGS. 

China Government bursaries are of three forms. Category A (Bilateral Programme), Category B (Chinese University Programme), and Category C (Certain Program of Appraisals)

  I. Category A (Bilateral Program)

It usually applies to scholarship programmes for which institutions other than Chinese universities are responsible. Form A applicants are asked to fill in the ‘Agency Number’ of the aforementioned agencies (e.g., Chinese Embassy in your country). These agencies will review applications of Type A.

·         This category of scholarship manage by Chinese embassy/consulate in  other countries , student need to direct contact Chinese embassy and have to proceed application from there.

    Students looking for admission in Bachelor program can apply through One Belt and One Road scholarship , have to search list of countries eligible for this scholarship 
       ·    Documents Requirements for this Scholarship are described in Category B in detail
Also Check: List of Chinese Universites Having No Application Fee
           II.   Category B (University Program)
Chinese University directly manages programme Category B, no need to contact the embassy. Candidates must fill out the application form online and send documents in hard copy to the university according to their request after submission.
 This scholarship is of type B, but please note that not all universities are eligible for this type. This scholarship category should include a list of universities.”

“No need to approve any HEC document for application duration or any educational authority simply needs a University degree written in Chinese or English, CV or Transcript only. Other documentation will be required in January for applications to the CSC portal and to the University. For admission, visit the target University website for details. Write University’s name on Google
Documents Required:

     At the time of applying (in January), the following documents will be required.
           ·    Passport size photo
           ·   Valid Passport  
          ·   Degree & Transcript –should be attested with Notary Public stamp  ( if you are final year
           students attach Hope certificate or Bonafide Certificate from you college –university
          ·    Study Plan /Research Proposal   (For Master Study Plan & For PhD Research Proposal is 
          ·      Degree/Hope/Current Schooling Certificate
         ·    Two Recommendation letters (From Assistant professor to    Onward)
          ·    Foreigners Physical Form
          ·     Acceptance letter ( Optional )
          ·    English Proficiency Certificate (optional –Explained above)
         ·   Other supporting documents. e.g., Experience certificate, Extracurricular, publication, award 
     1)  Visit China scholarship Council Website and select option Scholarship Application for Student as in the picture below.


      2) After pressing, as in the picture below, you will see the choice Registration, bear in mind that you can use any email I d when creating an account You apply for CSC Category B scholarships in more than one university, You then need to build a separate account with three different email ids Related university destinations.

      3) After filling an application form and uploading supporting documents,
   submit and click on the download option.
      4)  Print the filled application form and make a set of your education     documents  with this form.
      5)  Check your university requirements, if they require hard copies too, then Send
   the complete set of all of your notarized documents along with filled and signed application
    form at the International Education College of University address.
      6)  Some universities also have their application form, visit the university home page, and apply there as well.

   7)  If Possible, send an email to University international office and let them      about your application document dispatched and confirm them while they received or not.

   Hard copies of documents need to send at university address not to csc because this category manage by university not to csc. 
       III.       Category C
Generally refers to specific appraisal scholarship programs. CSC will inform applicants of Type C programs of the ‘Agency Number’ in special notices.”


 Applicants may apply for all types (above), but there are some restrictions for undergraduate applicants.

Undergraduate students can apply for Type A, but the procedure varies from country to country, so for Type A (all applicants including Bachelor , Master and Doctorate) from the Chinese Embassy associated referral authority in your country. Contact Us The responsibility for this lies with the Chinese embassy in Pakistan. The Commission on Higher Education partners with Pakistan to select and propose candidates for the Chinese Government Fellowship to the Bullying Program (Category A) and the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).

      · Go to CSC website, first, select Universities and Programs option.
        ·     After clicking the above option, you will see Universities list based on states, select your target University from the list as shown below.
      ·     After Selecting University, A new window will be open can see the official website link of University and Programs, Degree duration, Language instruction etc option there, you can select Bachelor, Master, or PhD program according to your requirements.
Note:  “It is optional for some Universities. An acceptance letter is the requirement of some Universities; Acceptance letter doesn’t mean the guarantee of admission. For some Universities, acceptance is mandatory and for some Universities, it is optional. Try to get acceptance. Here is the guideline on how to get an acceptance letter from Chinese universities.”
      ·      Visit the Target University Web Site; Check Your Related Section and
     Professor Profiles..
     ·      Write an email to a professor about your research interest in his work and give him
       your idea about your future research work in his lab. Send your CV & transcript only.
    ·      My suggestion is that if your CGPA is good then also sends your Transcript

       with CV in email.

Need help with getting acceptance letter?




Ø Take a look at the previous results (optional) of CSC scholarships from different universities, so you should evaluate the seats at each university and then apply for seats with higher seats.
Ø Use Google to find out results.
Ø  Write Study Plan of almost 1000 words or 800 words minimum (for Master)Make a good proposal for your research topic if applying for PhD not master
Ø Try to make a study plan by yourself, no anyone will share his/her study plan because there are chances that the same study plan may be in the same University
Ø  Get your passport ready
Ø Good Research CV
Ø  Get recommendation letters from two full professors or associate professors from the previous University you attended.
Ø  Attested photocopies of docs (degree+transcript) from notary public (authorized lawyer).
Ø  An English proficiency certificate is required from the previous university.
Ø Physical examination certificate from a local public hospital or other government doctor / physician 
Ø  Attach any extra document which you feel, it can support your application for securing admission. It can be curricular or extracurricular too.

Ø  According to rumors HSK 4, 5 or 6 is required for some Universities. Don’t worry about it rumours are everywhere and spread these kinds of news. It depends on Universities that, if the program is in Chinese then there are two possibilities.
1- You must have one year Chinese qualification 

2- You must give HSK certificate

Ø Most Universities provide 1 year Chinese Language course except for some Universities like Shanghai University.
Ø  Most Universities have admission fees and no or very fewer seats for Master candidates. University will charge admission fees but no chances of admission. Like BJUT, USTB, Ningbo etc. So be careful at the time of applying.
Ø  Most students think that CGPA does not matter. Each and everything matters. In addition, it was found that many other students had a high grade point average but no research was conducted.


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