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Complete List of Updated Agency Number For Chinese Universities

What is Agency Number? Basically, it is a specific code  for a specific University needed during admission application. When you are filling Chinese Government Scholarship online application form on china scholarship council website  its needed and without agency number you cant proceeded application further , Here is the complete list of agency number belong to Chinese Universities. 
Chinese University agency Number-List of agency Number for Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarships),10003   Tsinghua University  agency number, 10280   Shanghai University agency number ,10027   Beijing Normal University  agency number

10005   Beijing University Of Technology 
10007   Beijing Institute Of Technology 
10013   Beijing University Of Posts And Telecommunications 
10008   University Of Science And Technology Beijing 
10010   Beijing University Of Chemical Technology 
10003   Tsinghua University 
10248   Shanghai JioTong University Sjtu 
10006   Beihang University (Buaa) 
10004   Beijing Jiaotong University 
10022   Beijing Forestry University
10002   Renmin University Of China 
10040   China Foreign Affairs University
10019   China Agricultural Univ (Cau) 
10027   Beijing Normal University 
10280   Shanghai University 
10028   Capital Normal University 
10030   Beijing Foreign Studies University 
10034   Central University  Of Finance And Economics 
10045   Central Conservatory Of Music 
10031   Beijing International Studies University 
10038   University  Of International Business And Economics 
10036   Capital University  Of Business And Economics 
10043   Beijing Sports University 
10161   Dalian Medical University 
10172   Dalian University  Of Foreign Languages 
10165   Liaoning Normal University 
10183  Jilin University 
10213   Harbin Institute Of Technology 
10159  China Medical University 
10203  Jilin Normal University 
10247  Tongji University 
10246  Fudan University 
10212  Heilongjiang University 
10210   Heilongjiang University 
10222  Jiamusi University 
10290  China University  Of Mining And Technology 
10231  Harbin Normal University 
10217  Harbin Engineering University 
10357  Anhui University 
10355  China Academy Of Art 
10359  Hefei University  Of Technology 
10384  Xiamen University 
10423 Ocean University Of China 
10285  Soochow University 
10255  Donghua University 
10251  East China Univ. Of Science And Technology 
10271  Shanghai International Studies University 
10268  Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
10269  East China Normal University 
10270  Shanghai Normal University 
10272  Shanghai University Of Finance And Economics (Sufe) 
10277  Shanghai University Of Sport 
10278  Shanghai Conservatory Of Music 
 10284 Nanjing University
10026  Beijing University Of Chinese Medicine 
10286  Southeast University 
10295  Jiangnan University 
10384  Xiamen University 
10294  Hohai University 
10287  Nanjing Univ. Of Aeronautics And Astronautics 
10307  Nanjing Agricultural University 
10047  Central Academy Of Fine Arts 
10288  Nanjing Univ. Of Science And Technology 
10050  Beijing Film Academy 
10032  Beijing Language And Culture University 
10001   Peking University 
10053  The China University Of Political Science And Law 
10054  North China Electric Power University    
10052  Central University For Nationalities 
10224  Northeast Agriculture University 
10300  Nanjing University Of Information Science And Technology 
 10048 The Central Academy Of Dram
10056  Tianjin University 
10029  Capital Institute For Physical Educations 
10062  Tianjin Medical University 
10057  Tianjin Univ. Of Science And Technology 
10063  Tianjin Univ. Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
10065  Tianjin Normal University 
10068  Tianjin Foreign Studies Univ. (Tfsu) 
10055  Nankai University 
10066  Tianjin Univ. Of Technology And Education 
10140  Liaoning University 
10151  Dalian Maritime University 
10145  Northeastern University 
10141  Dalian Univ. Of Technology 
10315  Nanjing Univ Of Chinese Medicine 
10403  Nanchang University 
10338  Zhejiang Sci-Tech University 
10337 Zhejiang Univ Of Technology 
10370 Anhui Normal University 
10345  Zhejiang Normal University 
10408  Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute 
10497  Wuhan University Of Technology 
10520  Zhongnan Univ. Of Economics And Law 
10504  Huazhong Agricultural University 
10487  Huazhong Univ Of Science And Technology 
10486  Wuhan University 
10593  Guangxi University 
10608  Guangxi University For Nationalities 
10511  Huazhong Normal University 
10530  Xiangtan University 
10335  Zhejiang University
10459  Zhengzhou University 
10166  Shenyang Normal University 
10184  Yanbian University  
10201  Beihua University 
10736  Northwest Normal University 
10173  Dongbei Univ Of Finance And Economics 
10186  Changchun Univ. Of Science And Technology 
10200  Northeast Normal University 
10611  Chongqing University 
10635  Southwest University 
10445  Shandong Normal University 
10358  University Of Science And Technology Of China (Ustc) 
10532  Hunan University, Changsha 
10610 Sichuan University 
10491  China Univesity Of Geosciences (Wuhan) 
10542  Hunan Normal University, Changsha 
10560  Shantou University 
10533  Central South University, Changsha 
10598  Guangxi Medical University 
10561  South China University Of Technology 
10574  South China Normal University 
10564  South China Agricultural University 
10558  Sunyat-Sen University 
10710  Chang’an University 
10572  Guangzhou University Of Chinese Medicine  
10602  Guangxi Normal University 
11646  Ningbo University 
10613  Southwest Jiaotong University 
10749  Ningxia University 
10657 Guizhou Universtiy 
10673 Yunnan University 
10617 Chongqing University Of Posts And Telecommunications 
10698  Xi’an Jiaotong University 
10681  Yunnan Normal University 
10712  Northwest A&F University 
10689  Yunnan University Of Finance & Economics 
10699  Northwestern Ploy-Technical University 
10422  Shandong University 
10760  Xinjiang Medical University 
10651 The Southwestern University Of Finance And Economics 
10732  Lanzhou Jiaotong University 
10674  Kunming University Of Science And Technology 
10724  Xi’an International Studies University 
10759  Shihezi University 
10701  Xidian University  
10718  Shaanxi Normal University 
10755  Xinjiang University 
10730  Lanzhou University 
10731  Lanzhou University Of Technology 

10762  Xinjiang Normal University 


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