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500+ Computer Science Professors Email – CSC Scholarship 2021

500+ Computer Science Professors Email – CSC Scholarship 2021

Professor Name Research Area Email
Jianliang Li A.Scientific Computing & Software (Numerical Analysis, Simulation, Optimization)
B. Data Analysis (Bioinformatics, Data mining, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm)
C.Signal Processing (Audio & Video Processing)
Qiao Chunming Wireless mobile network and optical network, Internet technology and information traffic convergence system
Xiong Hui Data Mining, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning 
Yao new Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning
Huan Huan Machine learning, data mining, computational intelligence, underground pipe network detection and data fusion, evolutionary computation
Chen Xiaoping intelligent formal modeling and multi-robot system of key technologies
Feng Xinyu program verification, concurrency theory, programming language theory 
Hua Bei(female) Network Program Parallelization on Multi-core Processors, Computer The internet. 
Yue Lihua database system and its application, information integration, real-time database
Zhang Lan(female) mobile computing, privacy protection, big data.
Chen Kai-ming Compile and decompile, program understanding and analysis of the support environment, intelligent information processing.
Zhang Xinming Wireless networks (wireless ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless car networks, UAV networks, mobile interconnection networks, body domain networks, etc.), smart grids, data center networks, big data analytics based on deep learning, and more
Yang Panlong wireless network; group-based perception; passive sensing and networking; wireless radio imaging 
Xu Yun Big data mining and bioinformatics applications, multi-core parallel programming model and performance optimization.
Xu Yin Long storage systems, data processing, high performance computing
Xiong flame computer network and information security, mobile computing and mobile networks, distributed processing
Xie Xi Branch Massive data processing, data indexing and storage technology, spatial database, indefinite database, data cleanup
Tang Ke Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, Intelligent Optimization, Data Mining
Li Cheng  large-scale, real-time, high-availability distributed system (Large-scale, Real-time and Highly available Distributed systems
Li Xiangyang Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing, Internet of Things, Internet Security, Data Privacy, Social Networks, Algorithmic Analysis Design
Li Jing combination software technology, large-scale network system and distributed algorithm
Jiang Fan computer networks, protocols and software testing, information security
Han Kai big data, cloud computing, social networking, machine learning, network economics, wireless networks
He Chao building Theoretical Computer Science 
Ji Jianmin knowledge representation and reasoning, intelligent robot control
Zeng Fanping Software Analysis and Testing, Information Security.
Zheng Qilong Parallel compiler technology, high-performance multi-core computing software.
Cheng Hao Ran Mass data mining technology, small sample learning technology, computer modeling and simulation,
Yang Wei information security, big data and cloud computing, quantum information processing
Zhang Yu(female) Programming language theory and implementation technology, especially parallel language design and compilation for new system architecture, parallel program analysis and verification, and real-time compiler-assisted garbage collection.
Zhang Junxia computer system structure, embedded system design. 
Yuan Bo evolutionary computing, fault-tolerant computing, electronic design automation 
Xu Linli Machine Learning, Data Mining.
Xu Hongli collaborative communications, car networking and Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Xing Kai Theoretical research involves fields such as Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet, big data and cloud computing, financial / medical data mining, and group-based perceptual computing. Systems research involves UAVs, UAVs, IC design, operating systems, etc. field.
Xiao Mingjun Mobile Social Networks, Delayed-tolerant Networks, Internet of Things, etc. . 
Jun-Min Wu Virtualization Technology and Cloud Computing, Multicore Computer Systems and Applications, Computer System Simulation and Performance Optimization
Wu Feng multi-agent system, automatic planning theory, intelligent robot decision-making 
Wang Chao deep learning processor, FPGA / GPU-based big data acceleration, high performance computing.  
Thomas way Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Programming, Transportation Planning, Logistics, Large-Scale Optimization, Numerical Optimization, Data Mining, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs)
Wang wireless sensor networks, car networking, distributed systems
Wang Xingfu Sensor Networks and Security, Complex Systems Modeling, Embedded Systems
Wanshou Hong(female)  computer image processing and understanding, remote sensing image processing, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition 
Wang on the fly(female) Emotion Computing, Pattern Recognition and Data Mining Theory and Applications, Multimedia Computing
Tano future network technology, Internet big data, software-defined network, new media network 
Haisheng data center network, cloud computing, wireless networks, algorithm design and analysis
Song Peng computer vision, computer graphics, human-computer interaction
Luo Wenjian machine learning and data mining, network and information security, computing intelligence and applications. 
Miao Fuyou Network Information Security, Applied Cryptography, Mobile Computing, Distributed Wireless Network Routing, Public Key Management. 
Sun Guangzhong High Performance Computing and Algorithm Optimization, Big Data Processing and Applications.  
Qian Chao evolutionary computing, machine learning, data mining
Liu Qi data mining and knowledge discovery, machine learning methods and their applications
Liu Hengchang Internet of Things, big data, mobile cloud computing
Liu Guiquan machine learning, intelligent information processing and mining, Internet information extraction and depth search and mining.
Jin Peiquan Mobile object database, spatio-temporal database, new storage-oriented database, Web information extraction and search. 
Liang Hongjin(female) program verification, concurrency theory, programming language theory 
Li Yongkun computer storage systems, cloud storage, big data storage
Li Jinlong evolutionary computing theory, network, wireless communications
Huang Wenchao information security, formal program verification, mobile computing
Huang Zhang Jin Computer Graphics, Computer Aided (Geometric) Design, GPU Computing, Computer Vision, Scientific Visualization  
Fu Ming program verification, operating system kernel verification, concurrency theory, programming language theory
Han Ting Parallel algorithms and software, deep learning algorithms and programming framework, big data parallel storage and processing, high performance computing, computer system performance evaluation.
Dong Lanfang(female) Scientific Computing Visualization, Computer Animation, Pattern Recognition, Images deal with
Huang Liu wireless sensor networks, networking, networked vehicle,information hiding, secure multi quantum information security,mining data analysis large, large data privacy, Cloud security 
Gu Naijie Parallel Algorithms and Parallel Processing, Parallel Architecture, Communication Problems in Parallel and Distributed Computing, IP Multicast Research 
Chen Enhong machine learning, data mining, social networks, personalized recommendation system.
An Hong(female) Large-scale Parallel Computer System Architecture, Big Data Parallel Storage and Processing System, Cognitive-oriented Reconfigurable Computing, Parallel Programming Environment and Tools, and High Performance Computing. 
Shao Zhong Highly trusted software, programming language and compiler, operating system
CAO Zining Formal Methods
HUANG Zhiqiu 1.Software Analysis and Verification;
2.Semantic Web,Service Oriented Computing
3.Cloud Computing
HUANG Yuhua Information security & privacy
HU Caiping Spatial Data Mining and Machine Learning
GAO Hang- 1.Pattern recognition;
2.Embedded system.
FENG Aimin( 1.Machine Learning & Data Mining
2.System Configuration
DAI Qun(female) 1.Neural computing;
2.Pattern recognition;
3.Machine learning.
1.Information hiding
2.Network security
CHEN Bing 1.Computer network;
2.Wireless network;
3.Network Security.
Deng Xiaotie Professor Algorithms-agents-data Interface on Internet, Market, and Social Networks Laboratory
Yao Tianfang Language Technology and Application including:
Opinion Mining, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction,
Machine Learning, Ontology Learning, Natural Language Generation
Zhang Liqing ◇?Computational model for Perception and Cognition
Learning and Memory in Cortical Networks, Visual Neural Representation and Coding, Visual Global Feature Analysis; Object Recognition, Multimodal Computational Model◇?Brain-Computer Interface and Brain Signal Processing
Brain EEG Signal Processing, Evoked Potential Analysis and Localization, Brain-Computer System Design, EEG Pattern Recognition, EEG based Person authentication

◇?Machine Learning and Inference
Independent Component Analysis, Sparse Representation, Tensor Factorization and Analysis, Information Geometry
Lu Bao-Liang Brain-like computing, neural networks, machine learning, brain-computer interaction, affective computing
Xu Lei Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction
Lu Hongtao Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Information Hiding, Complex Networks
Zhao Hai natural language processing, machine learning, data mining, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence
Li Fang(female) 1) use machine learning methods to solve the problems of natural language processing.
2) focus on Internet-based information retrieval and extraction, such as hot topic/event detection and tracking, topic/event evolution, news event extraction and so on.
3) apply database technologies for different applications.
Deng Qianni(female) Data intensive computing and Social Network
Liang Xiaoyao 1. Computer architecture
2. Energy efficient and resilient microprocessor architecture
3. GPGPU and multicore architecture, parallel programming
4. Software and hardware co-design for cloud and mobile computing
Wu Minyou parallel distributed computing, wireless netwks, sens netwks, multimedia overlay netwks, intelligent traffic information systems, high perfmence computingbr
Shen Liping(female) pervasive and adaptive learning technologies.
Sheng Bin 1. Image-based Modeling and Rendering, Animation,  Image Processing,  Natural Phenomenon Simulation/Non-photorealistic Rendering, GPU Processing,.
2. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
3. Data Visualization and Biomedical Imaging
Yu Yong Computer Application
Shen Ruimin E-Learning Technologies; Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining; Data Encoding and Information
Ma Lizhuang CAD, computer graphics, computer animation, and image based graphical techniques such as rendering, reconstruction and modeling
Zhang Yuanyuan(female) Computer architecture security, software security, wireless network security
Liu Zhiqiang Cryptography and Information Security
Long Yu(female) Public key encryption, in particular of distributed network surrounding
Zhu Haojin 1. Security, Privacy and Trust in mobile networks (See the Project Description on CR security here)
2. Smart Phone System Security (See the Project Description on WiKi)
3. Cloud Computing Security
4. Applied Cryptography
Luo Yuan Information Theory (especially Shannon Channel Capacity and Network Coding), Coding Theory (especially Hamming Distance, Constant Composition and Constant Weight Code, Periodic Sequence) and Computer Security (especially Virtual Machine Security)
Liu Shengli Cryptography and information security
Gu Dawu – software security;
– hardware and embedded security;
– big data and cloud security with privacy;
– financial security techniques.12:12
Zhong Hao Network and Service Computing
Xue Guangtao Mobile Computing
Big Data
Social Networks
Distributed Computing
Hongzi Zhu Vehicular Networks, Wireless Networks, Distributed and Parallel Systems and Mobile Computing
Zhu Yanmin Wireless and mobile networks, sensor networks, wireless vehicular networks, mobile computing, and Internet of things.
Li Minglu Grid and Cloud Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, VANET
Huang Linpeng Software Methodology,Distributed Computing
Cao Jian (1) Service Oriented Computing
(2) Network Computing
(3) Multiagent System
(4) Social Network
Zhu Qili Kenny intersection of database, natural language processing and artificial intelligence
Fu Hongfei Theoretical Computer Science
Tang Feilong Parallel and Distributed Computing
Li Jie Parallel and Distributed Computing
Wang Xinbing Parallel and Distributed Computing
Yao Bin large scale database management and cloud computing
Wu Chentao Data Storage Systems (in Computer Architecture and Operating System Area)
——-Storage Cache
——-Reliable Storage Systems
——-Non-Volatile Memory Technologies
——-Storage Management in File Systems
Gao Xiaofeng(female) Data Engineering, Database Management, Wireless Network, and Optimization Algorithms
Wu Fan Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
Cloud Computing
Economic Incentives for Cooperation
Privacy Preservation
Peer-to-Peer Computing
Algorithmic Game Theory
Jia Weijia next generation wireless communication, protocols and heterogeneous networks; distributed systems, multicast and anycast QoS routing protocols
Guo Minyi Parallel and distributed processing, Parallelizing compilers, Pervasive Computing, Software engineering, Embedded systems, and Green Computing
Guan Haibing virtual machine;
Chen Guihai  Parallel and Distributed Computing
Dong Xiaoju(female) Concurrency Theory, in particular process calculi and Petri nets;
Membrane computing;
Systems biology, especially formal models for biological systems;
Formal methods
Chen Yuting Theoretical Computer Science
Fu Yuxi Professor theory and its semantics, Theory of Interaction founded on Thesis of Interaction and (ii) decidability and complexity issues in verification
Gao Ting Intelligent Computing,  Chemo metrics,  Pattern Recognition
Hu Lihong  Interdisciplinary of Computer Science and Chemistry
Liu Shuhua  Intelligent control,mobile robot
Sun Junxi Image processing;Pattern recognition
DM(data mining)、Semantic Web and Ontology
Zhou Zhiguo Security of computer network、 Research on algorithm
Zhu Tieying Computer Network, Network Security
Sun Tieli Information Mining and Machine Learning
Chen Xiaohui(female) Educational Technology Theory
Teng Guangqing Internet Information Resource Management
Yin Minghao Artificial Intelligence
Yuan Lei Modern Educational Technology
Zhang Bangzuo Big Data Search and Recommended
Zhang Jingbo Digital Image Processing, Computer Teaching
Han Yi Artificial Intelligence and Planning Identification
Li Yongli Computer System Structure
Pudong Intelligent Control and Embedded Systems, Pattern Recognition, Internet of Things
Sun Hongguang  Intelligent Information Processing, Data Mining
Wei Basic Theory of Library Science
Li Hui Computer Network, Image Processing
Zhang Libiao Computing Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Internet of Things Technology
Xu wide Electronic Information Resources Organization
Wang Hui Information Consulting and Information Industry Business Information Research
Wang Dongyan Information Management, Basic Theory of Informatics
Xu Yue right Basic Theory of Library Science
Peng Li leapfrog teaching
Yang Xiquan Computer Network, Distance Education
Sun Tieli information Mining and Machine Learning
Sun Chengjiang Library and Information Science
Zhou Dong Dai Digital Learning Support Technology
Solution moon(female) Information Technology Courses and Teaching
Wang Wenyong Artificial Intelligence
Zheng Xiaojuan Software Automation
Jiang Hua Data mining
Han Feng Computer Education
Zhang Hui Jie Big Data Visualization, Scientific Visualization, Information Visualization, Visual Analysis, Multi-resolution Modeling, Computer Graphics
Li Yan Ling(female) Database Technology
Wang Cuiping(female) Information Resource Management, Digital Library
Ma Zhiqiang Image Processing, Software Engineering
Kong Jun Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, Deep Learning
Lv Yinghua Simulation, digital image processing, pattern recognition for parallel objects Computer
chen bo lin Research areas include but not limit to computational and systems biology, genomic and proteomic data analysis, disease gene identification, protein complex identification, dynamic network analysis, gene methylation data analysis etc
chen qun not mentioned in profile
ai li rong(female) not mentioned in profile
chen jing dong not mentioned in profile
gao na(female) not mentioned in profile
du cheng lie
Zhong-hua Fu
han bing
han ru
GAO Wu His research interests include,
1. Development of Front-End Readout ASICs for Radiation Sensors
2. Radition-Hardened-By-Design (RHBD) CMOS Integrated Circuits
3. Nanometer CMOS Integrated Circuit Deisign
guo yang ming Fault Detection /Diagnosis /Prognosis ²Prognosis and Health Management ²Reliability Based Optimal Design ²Maintenance Optimization ²Condition Monitoring and Integrated Test
gao li(female)
guo bin
gao xiang
gu jian hua
fan xiao ya
du hong tao
deng lei
zhai zheng jun
dong yun wei
jiang ze jun
kong qing yun
jiang xue feng
Yongjun LI
liu jun rui(female)
pei xin feng(female)
pan wei
ni hong bo
Hailong Liu  Data quality management,
Big data analytics,
Web data management,
RFID data management,
Performance evaluation for new hardware databases
li ning(female)
lin zeng gang
Li xiao an or Dustin L Real-time Artificial Intelligence, mainly includes: Natural Computing ( mainly in Evolutionary computation, Artificial Neural Network, Artificial Immune System, etc), Embodied Intelligence, Autonomous Mental Robotics, Developmental Learning, Robot Soccer, Multi-agent Systems
liu wen jie(female)
li zhi gang
li zhan huai
li ying
lin yi
chen jian quan
chu wei bo not mentioned in profile
bai si jun not mentioned in profile
feng yun wen(female) not mentioned in profile
li shi ning 1. Wireless sensor networks
2. Mobile computing
li hui xian(female)
an jian feng not mentioned in profile
cai wan dong not mentioned in profile
liu zhi qiang
zheng wei
deng lei
ju wei bo
cai kang ying(female)
Yanzhao Ma Analog/Mixed-signal IC design, Power management, Energy harvesting, et al.
wang shao xi
yin ming(female) Information Management and Information system
Geographically Distributed Software Development
ma chun yan(female) Software modeling and analyzing
Software testing and debugging
Data analysing and visualizing
nie xuan advanced software design and implement、intelligence system、computervision、computer graphic and image technical、virtual reality、machine learning
zhang tao
Li Weigang Adaptive and flexible process management
Advanced integration technologies for manufacturing enterprises
PaaS (Platform as a Software) in the Enterprise Cloud
wu jun sheng
Gao Fuxiang embedded network technology, network and information security research
Yao Yu network security, malware, nonlinear dynamic system analysis.
Cao Chunhong(female) computer graphics, computer-aided design, image processing
Guo Jun Complex software systems for reliability engineering and performance optimization, including
■ Performance modeling, evaluation and optimization
■ Reliability modeling and analysis
■ System energy saving
■ Fault tolerance calculation
Guo Nan(female)  digital identity management, privacy protection of social networks, based on the activities of social networks, virtual reality
Yang Lei cloud computing and service computing
Jia Jie(female) wireless sensor networks, wireless Mesh network, broadband wireless communications, cognitive radio and other aspects of research work
Wang Lu(female) computer vision, pattern recognition, medical signal processing and other direction of the study
Zhao Zhibin distributed data management and query optimization, Web data management and perceptual data management
Wang Lihang(female) application of RFID technology and background data processing, information mining and management. The areas covered include: artificial intelligence, data mining, decision support systems, supply chain management, optimization and other directions
Yin Ying(female) ata mining and knowledge discovery, social network data analysis, cloud computing, intelligent information processing, recommendation systems, software engineering
High Rock service computing, cloud computing, mainly for the adaptive environment in the cloud environment, cloud-oriented SLA-oriented cloud service system adaptive, service-based software system (SBS ) Performance self-optimization, dynamic service selection
Zhang Changsheng cloud resource optimization management, intelligent optimization, constraint procedures, data mining and other research directions
Zhang Xizhe mainly concerned with the next generation of networked software, distributed computing, data mining, complex network analysis and other research directions.
Zhang Fu Mainly engaged in intelligent data and knowledge engineering, database and semantic Web research
Zhang Bin service calculation, cloud computing, large data analysis, search search, intelligent algorithms.
Zhao Linliang Mainly engaged in intelligent information processing, satellite integrated information network, intelligent network management, Ad hoc networks, CTI technology research.
Joe cloud computing technology, P2P data management technology, uncertain data management technology
Valley Valley data management, data management, time and space data management and location services, distributed computing and large data analysis
Lin Shuguan temporal data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, parallel computing
Zhu Jingbo language analysis and machine translation of basic research work
Zhang Tiancheng data flow analysis and mining, time and space data management technology
Kou Yue Engaged in Web resource search, resource integration, entity identification, social media and other aspects of research work
Nie Tiezheng mass data integration, data quality management, XML data management technology, Web data management, distribution, data management, data distribution, data management, data distribution and data quality
Hu Minghan(female) discrete mathematics, compilation methods, information retrieval, natural language understanding, text processing and machine translation and other aspects of teaching and research work
Zhang Wei artificial intelligence, intelligent technology and application, computer network and information technology, automatic reasoning and search
Yu Ge omputer software and database systems research and teaching work. In recent years, presided over the completion of the distribution and parallel object database system theory and technology, for large industrial enterprises data warehouse and data mining technology to support enterprise dynamic alliance information service technology, complex application for distributed workflow management technology, support High-quality E-Service personalized recommendation technology to support the advanced manufacturing industry, embedded real-time software technology,
Yang Xiaochun database theory and technology, data quality analysis, data privacy protection, wireless sensor network data management
Wang Dailing(female) currently chairing the “social media mining, search and recommendation” in the National Natural Science Fund project, participate in “multi-modal data mining “
Bao Yubin business intelligence, data mining, data-intensive computing, large data management. (NSFC) 1, participated in the completion of the national 863 project, NSFC project, NSFC key project sub-projects and a number of enterprise cooperation projects
Sun Yongjiao cloud computing, large data management, uncertainty data management, distributed data management, data analysis
Wang Jian embedded systems, image processing, real-time data processing, and focus on applied research
Wang Bin database theory and technology, data quality analysis, distributed data management
Han Donghong data mining, large data analysis, data flow management, uncertain data management
Liu Huilin  intelligent information processing, search engine, memory database, large data, embedded systems
Bi Yuanguo  car networking, software definition networks, wireless self-organizing networks, wireless sensor networks, embedded systems
Zhao Hai not mentioned in profile
Zhao Yuhai large data mining and knowledge discovery, machine learning, social network data analysis, recommendation system
Yuan Ye cloud computing, large data management (including graph data management, uncertain data management, data privacy protection), P2P computing
Xu Jiujiang super-minicomputer system design , Network switching equipment design, embedded control system design and research and development work.Currently the main research direction for the computer system structure, computer network, embedded control system, complex network, Internet of things
Wang Bo – tao large data, cloud computing, location-based services, data flow management system, publish / subscribe system, mobile database, space-time database, high-dimensional index
Qiao Jianzhong software architecture, distributed parallel computing and operating system technology
Cai Xun(female) Image/Video Recognition,Machine Learning, Digital Signal Processing, information retrieval .
Rongjiang Pan 3D shape modelling and analysis, computer graphics and vision, image processing.
Pan Li (female) Cloud computing, Cloud Manufacturing, Market-oriented Resource Allocation
Xiangxu Meng Human Computer Interaction & Virtual Reality
CAD & Graphics
Data Visualization
Ma Jun Web information retrieval and mining, recommendation systems, social network and Web image annotation and retrieval
Junfeng Luan Intelligent Algorithm and Software;Computability Logic
Lu Lin(female) Computer Graphics
Data Visualization;
Yilong Yin Machine Learning,Data Mining, Computational Medicine, and Biometrics.
Huazhong Zhang Computer Network, Distributed System and Mobile Computing, Wireless Sensor Network
Zhang Peng approximation algorithms, randomized algorithms and combinatorial optimization, information networks, and web graphs.
Yuanfeng Zhou Geometric Modeling, Computer Aided Geometry Design, Medical Image Processing, Information Visualization;
Zhong Fan image and video processing and computer vision,interactive image and video segmentation&matting, online video segmentation and video composite.
zheng yong qing Software Architecture and Business Process
ZhaoHeji Computational Intelligence,web technology, mobile commerce.
Shidong Zhang Large-scale data management
ZHANG Ruihua wireless sensor network, Internet of things, trusted computing, embedded system and FPGA/CPLD application development, etc.
Daming Zhu Bioinformatics. Designing approximation algorithms and discussing the complexity of some typical problems.
Xiang Hui Virtual Reality and applications,
Human Computer Interaction,Digital Home,Intelligent Multimedia Information Processing
Wu Lei (female) Service computing, manufacturing cloud, cloud computing
Yafang Wang (female) Knowledge Harvesting, Information Extraction, Named Entity Disambiguation, Data Mining, Distributed Systems
Xinjun Wang Database, Software engineering, Web data integration and intelligent data analysis
Wei Wang cryptanalysis of cryptologic algorithms, evaluate the security level, and explore new ideas to design algorithm
Hua Wang Virtual Overlay Cloud Networking, Green Network theory and Algorithms, Network Optimization and Swarm Intelligent network, future router and communication technology, Network attack and defense, p2p and Overlay Network
Fengyu Wang Network Security;
Network Data Analysis
Changhe Tu computer graphics, digital geometry processing and computer aided geometric design,3D geometry modeling or processing from point cloud or image, and 3D printing.
Yuqing Sun(female) access control model and technology; security policy; security in web services; workflow management; trust management; privacy and integrity
YuLiang Shi Service computing; Big data management; Business process management; Privacy Preservation
SunMing Data integration and analysis
Gongping Yang Machine Learning and Applications
Qing Yao(female) E-commerce, business intelligence, enterprise application integration, business process management
Yang Liu(female) Data Mining, Web Information Retrieval and Analysis, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Mining
Weiguo Liu heterogeneous high performance computing; big data processing; intelligent computing; machine learning.
Chenglei Yang Human Computer Interaction
Virtual Reality,
Zhongmin Yan Web data integration,Database
Xinshun Xu machine learning, information retrieval, computer vision, data ming, intelligent computing, bioinformatics
Yanning Xu Virtual reality and Human computer interaction
3D modeling and rendering
Xiang Hui Virtual Reality and applications,
Human Computer Interaction,Digital Home,Intelligent Multimedia Information Processing
Li Hui Business Process Management and Large scale data management
Li Feng embedded System research, optimization of Wireless sensor network。
Lanju Kong(female) Cloud computing and database
Ju Lei Design, analysis, and optimization of embedded and real-time systems.
Haitao Jiang algorithm design and analysis
Zhiping Jia non-volatile storage, embedded systems, distributed control networks, real-time systems
Hongze Qiu AI,Intelligent algorithm,Distributed Computing.
Xueying Qin(female) Digital Image Processing
Image Processing and Analysis
Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Zhaohui Peng database, data mining research and development
Shanqing Guo Network Security ,Software Security, Web Security, Mobile Security, and Software Testing
Fenghua Guo computer graphics, image processing
Guoqing Dong XML query optimization,
Community cloud computing
Yibin Li Reconfigurable System and Its Application

Codition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System

Lidar System and Its Application
Xuemei Li(female) computer graphics
Xueqing Li Software Engineering. Visual Analytics. Human Computer Interaction. Picture Processing.
Li Xin Real-time Scheduling, Embedded System, None Volatile Memory
Linda(female) Recent research interests:
Computer Network Modeling
Network Performance and Optimization
Green Networking,Energy Efficient Scheme
Qingzhong Li large-scale network data management ,web data integration and intelligent data analysis
Chris Computer Network Performance and Security,Sofeware Defined Networks, Traffic Engineering, and QoS Evaluation
Haodi Feng(Female) Bioinformatics; Chinese information processing; discrete algorithms
Gong Bin Parallel and High Performance Computing
he wei service computing, workflow technology and business process management.
Xiaoguang Hong Web data integration and intelligent data analysis
Hongjun Dai Reliability of the Computer Architecture; Modelling of Cyber-Physical System
Mengbo Hou Applied cryptography and network information Security,
Chengyu Hu Information Security and Cryptography,
Zhumin Chen Big Data Processing and Mining
Information Retrieval
Health Computing
Social Computing
Lizhen Cui(female) 1. BigData management and big data analytics
2. Big Data artificial intelligence
3. Service computing and Collaborative computing
4. Software architecture and technology in cloud
ZHANG, Yuqu Software engineering, Services computing
Shiguang Liu Image/video processing, Virtual reality
Bruce Denby  image processing applications, Silent Speech Interfaces
Kun Li(F) Intrinsic image decomposition from a single RGB-D image with sparse and non-local priors
MATEU SBERT Medical Imaging, Image Processing , Shape Recognition , Synthesis of Photo-realistic Images in Computer Games and Virtual Reality Systems, Improvement and application of virtual reality games technology and web content.
Xu Chunxiang(female) Cryptography, Information security
CAI Shimin Computer network and communication; network and system security; cloud computing and big data processing
CHEN, Aiguo Cloud Computing, Computer and Network Security, Software Security
Juan Chen(female) Computer Vision, Data Mining, Biomedical Imaging, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning
Daunbing Chen Data mining, Information physics, Complex network,  Spreading and recommending
CHEN Leiting Computer Graphics, Digital Image Processing, Virtual Reality, Digital Media Technology
Ding Xuyang Computer Networks, Information Security, Embedded Systems
Le Dong Digital Media Technology, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Robot, Cloud Computing
Hancong Duan Big Data Processing, Distributed  Storage, Pattern Recognition, Multimedia Content Distribution Network
Mingyu Fan(female) Pattern Recognition,  Cryptography, Security Protocol, Network Application
Bo Fu Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Biometrics, Cryptography, Image Processing and Analysis
 Hui Gao Data Mining, Formal verification,  Image Processing and Analysis
Gong Haigang Computer Network and Communication, Cloud Computing and Big Data
Hou Mengshu P2P Computing, Wireless Sensor Network, Distributed Storage Systems
Lisheng Huang Network measurement / management, OSS, network security.
 Li Fagen Cryptography and Network Security
Hongwei Li Applied Cryptography, Security Protocol
Li Yujun P2P Computing, Wireless Sensor Network
 liao yongjian Cryptographic scheme designing and network security protocol analysising
Lin Jie Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Face Recognition, Speech Recognition, Image, Video and Speech Processing and Analysis, Big data knowledge discovery
Liu, Zhen  Data mining, statistacal learning and analysis modeling
Guanghui Lu Graphics, Image Processing,Network Computing
Li Lu Wireless application and system security, including Radio Frequency Identification Techonolgy, Wireless network, Mobile computing and Network Security.
Guangchun LUO Cloud Computing;Computer Networks and Communication Technology;Middleware Technology
Xinzheng Niu Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, Data Mining
QIN, KE Computation Theory, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Cloud computing and Big data
Qiu Hang  Digital Media, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Visual Simulation, Computer Network
Qu Hong  Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Spiking Coding, NP Problems, Path Problems
Zhihai Rong Complex networks, Game theory, Evolutionary dynamics
Mingsheng Shang Data Mining, Social Networks/Graph Analysis, Recommender Systems
 Jie Shen Mobile Multimedia Computing, Mobile Payment, Video Codec, Augmented Reality
 Guolin SUN Software Defined Wireless Network and Information Processing(Big Data)
Quan Wen Data Mining, Computer Vision, Biomedical Image Informatics, Pattern Recognition
 Ming Sun Semantic Web, Data Mining, Distributed Computing, Middleware
Qi Xia(female) Network Information Security, Cryptography, Colud Computing,Security Protocol
Xiang Yu Computer network, Wireless Sensor Network, Determined Ethernet, Embeded System
 Yan Hua Computing Intelligence, Big Data
Xiuqin Zhong(female) Automated reasoning, Ontology, Cognitive Model
Shenglin Gui  Information Security, Embedded System, Big Data
wu lijun Information Security and Artificial Intelligence
Song Chao Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Big data
 Xu Zenglin Theory of Computation;  artificial intelligence and Pattern recognition; Computer graphics and image processing; Cloud computing and big data processing; Digital Media Technology.
Luo Jiaqing Computer networks and comunication, Data analysis
Luo Jiaqing Computer networks and comunication, Data analysis
Xu Zenglin Theory of Computation;  artificial intelligence and Pattern recognition; Computer graphics and image processing; Cloud computing and big data processing; Digital Media Technology.
SHAO Jie Machine Intelligence and Pattern Recognition, Digital Media Technology, Cloud Computing and Big Data Processing
 Yong WANG P2P network measurements & modeling,  Mobil network privacy preserving
Bo YANG Cloud/Grid Computing, Data Mining, Software and System Reliability
shijie zhou Distrubuted computing, Intellitent Trasporation, Network Security, RFID, Big data
JUNLIN ZHOU Data Mining, Recommender System, Big data Processing and Analysis, Social network analysis
Yong Zhao Cloud computing, Big data, Resource management, Task scheduling, Cloud workflow
Siyu Zhan computer networks, web Intelligence, embedded systems
Yong Yu Public Cryptography, Digital Signature, Public Encryption, Cloud Security
Haomiao Yang Public-key Cryptography, Security in Cloud Computing, Security in Big Data
Yang,Guowu formal verification, logic synthesis in quantum computing and non-linear control theory
HONG WU Image Analysis and Retrieval, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Text Retrieval
Yang Xu Multi-agent and Robotics System, Distributed Artifical Intelligent, Semantic Web, Mobile sensor network
Yang Dan Scientific Computing, Image Processing, Software Engineering
Fu Li Information Processing and Control Systems, Intelligent Robots, Intelligent Information Systems, Computing Model, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Xiang Hong Intrusion Detection, Information Security, Web protocol Security, Web Systems Security Evaluation, Engineering Standard of Information Security
Wang Chengliang Computer Graphics, Web Information Systems, Database Systems, Software Engineering
Lei Yueming Image Processing, Windows Drive Program, Medical Image Collection and Processing, Non-linear Video processing Technology and Application, Multimedia Technology and Games, Embedded Systems
Hong Sha Software Engineering, E-commerce, Image processing
Zhang Yi Computer Graphics, Embedded Systems, Software Engineering
Tan Huixin Work Flow Management, Computer Graphics, Digital Arts and Technology, Software Structure
Sang Jun Information Security, Information Hidden, Digital Image Watermark
Zhu Weihua Artificial Intelligent, Web Services, Games Software, Software Engineering
Liu Ling(female) GIS, Computing Graphics and Multimedia Technology
Hong Mingjian Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Linux/Unix Operation Systems
Mo Yi army  Social Networks,Future Generation Computer Systems,Sensor Density,Mobile Networks and Applications,Pattern-Matching,Optimal data fusion
Hu Guanrong Intelligent Control and Embedded System
Shi Ke wireless self-organizing,sensor networks, networked embedded software and systems, intelligent measurement and control
Zhang Xin information security,cloud computing,machine learning
Han Jianjun Parallel and Distributed Computing, Real-time Systems, Scheduling Algorithms
Hu Kan Parallel computing, distributed data processing, high performance computing
in Ren Chao Medical image , biological information, optimization algorithm
Li Dan  computer graphics, virtual reality, computer animation and games
Yang Fumin Embedded System and Intelligent Control
Ma Guangzhi Artificial intelligence, data mining, network computing
Xiao Jiang wireless indoor positioning and intelligent perception, distributed computing and systems, big data analysis and processing
Song Enmin Digital image processing, human-computer interaction, medical image analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence
Zhou Ying Biao Modern database technology
Yu Chen universal computing direction, machine learning direction, big data processing and analysis direction
Xu Xiangyang Computer image processing; pattern recognition; database
Yuchong Hu Cloud Storage. Heterogeneous Storage. Network Coding. Erasure Coding.
Zou Fu Hao machine learning,big data analysis,
Guo Hongxing Embedded Computing, Multimedia Networks, Video Coding and Analysis
Huang Hao Storage technology and systems, digital media technology and service networks, embedded systems and the Internet of Things
Chen Jianxi New storage devices and systems, hybrid storage systems, cloud storage services and big data
Fan Ye Bin Streaming media computing, web, real-time web applications.
Huang Jianzhong Computer system structure, network storage, fault-tolerant storage
Qin Lei Hua Network storage system, digital resource evolution, network simulation
Tan Zhi Hu Mass data storage, Reliability of Storage Systems, Parallel and Distributed Computing
Tom Xue Ming (1) number theory and cryptography;
(2) database storage encryption;
(3) network security
(4) information system security, level protection, classification protection and system security construction and evaluation.
Wansheng Gang High availability, high reliability computer storage systems, distributed / parallel storage systems
Fucai mobile network security, network behavior analysis, malicious code and password theory and technology.
Zhao Yizhu(female) Network Security Information Security
Lu Songfeng Quantum calculation
Data mining
information security
Machine learning
artificial intelligence
computer network
Lu Hongwei Security Protocol Analysis, Social Networking, Internet of Things, Web Security and Web Applications
Han Lan Sheng Computer and network information security; malicious code; big data security
Sun Weiping Computer vision, multimedia technology
Machine learning, pattern recognition
Zhipeng Tan Distributed parallel file system, network storage, big data storage and management
Zhou Ke Information storage, big data processing
Gan Zao Bin E – Commerce, Internet of Things, Social Networks, Protocol Analysis and Internet Application Research.
Fu Xiaoqing Network Security, Cryptography and Access Control Model
Xie Changsheng Computer system structure, new storage technology, network storage system
Wan Jiguang storage systems, network and cloud computing platform software , machine learning ,distributed parallel storage system, KV value-based storage systems, file systems, distributed clustered storage systems for cloud computing virtual machines, RAID storage System, network and cloud computing platform software development, machine learning and other directions.
Wang Fang(female) network storage, parallel storage systems, parallel file systems, new storage systems based on non-volatile storage devices, big data storage and processing
Wang Haiwei Ultra-high density, large capacity storage read-write mechanism and the concrete realization;
Embedded applications.
Wu Fei(female)  computer system architecture, new storage devices and architecture, large-scale storage system energy efficiency optimization and high-performance strategy analysis
Liu Jingning(female) mass storage system and cloud storage services, new non-volatile storage technology and systems, embedded systems
Li Chunhua(female) Mainly engaged in cloud storage technology, storage security, big data storage and management aspects of research.
Lupine(female) Information Storage Theory and Technology, Big Data and Machine Learning, Image Processing and Emotion Recognition
Feng Dan Engaged in computer system structure, solid state storage technology, large-scale network storage systems, cloud storage, fault-tolerant theory, disk array architecture and other aspects of research.
Lingfang Zeng Distributed storage system,eNVM,Computing on encrypted data
Chen Jincai New storage theory and technology, cloud storage, big data storage and analysis, machine learning, image processing and emotional computing
Cao Qiang Computer system structure, computer storage system, computer system energy saving, new storage mechanism, system software, optical storage system
Yu Hua Large-scale Storage Systems (Metadata management, Deduplication, Storage class memory, Data analytics)
Data Center Networks (Energy efficiency, Cost-effective queries)
Cyber-Physical Systems (Memristor, AFDX, FlexRay)
Hu Diqing Mass Data Storage Systems , Computer High-Speed ​​Interface and Channel Technology, New Memory Technologies and Devices, Embedded Systems and SoC Design
 Zhang Heng Artificial Intelligence, including the theory of knowledge representation and reasoning, multi-agent system, artificial intelligence
Database, including ontology-based data access, complex query language
Chen Jia Zhong Computer Vision , Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis,  Multimedia Data Distributed Computing ,  Image and Video Processing
Zou Deqing System Security, Fault Tolerant Computing, Software Security, Big Data Security
Yu Junqing digital media processing and retrieval, multi-core computing and streaming compiler, network data processing and security.
Zheng Ran(female) Distributed Computing, High Performance Computing and Applications
Zhao Feng Information retrieval, semantic calculation, knowledge discovery, data mining, system security and parallel distributed processing
Yu Dongxiao istributed computing, wireless networking, graph algorithms and mechanism design,dynamic network distributed algorithm design and dynamic graph algorithm  
Yuan Pingpeng Data management methods, systems and applications, data processing techniques
Wang Tianjiang Computer vision, image processing, virtual reality, multimedia data mining, artificial intelligence, computer networks
Xu Peng Cryptography, public key cryptography, identity-based cryptography, lattice cryptography, searchable encryption, proxy re-encryption, attribute-based encryption, and cloud data security.
Xie Xia(female) Data Mining, Performance Evaluation, Distributed Computing
Yuan Ling(female) Software architecture, software reliability, formal language, large-scale data
Zhu Hong Big data management technology, data management performance optimization technology for big data platform, database theory and implementation technology
Xie Mei(female) Modern Database Theory and Technology
Modern database technology
Database Security Technology
Liu Hong(female) Image Information Analysis and Processing
Pattern recognition
Human-computer interaction
Network Technology and Its Application
Embedded System Development and Design
Ling Hefei depth learning, multimedia search, gait recognition, pedestrian re-recognition, visual big data intelligent analysis , multimedia sensitive information detection
Liu Fang include data mining, machine learning, pattern recognition, computer vision.Algorithm Design and Analysis
Wu Song Cloud Computing and Distributed Big Data Processing,Data Center Management and Resource Schedulin,Virtualization and System Software,System Structure and Storage System
Wen Kun(female) Information Retrieval: Web Information Retrieval, Semantic Search
Social Networks: Online Social Network Analysis, Semantic Mining in Social Networks
Data Management: Web Information Management, Semantic Web and Ontology
Wei Wei  Information Retrieval , Text Mining , Natural Language Processing , Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence , Recommender Systems , Social Networking Social Media Analysis
Wang Duoqiang Parallel computing and distributed processing, high performance computing, cloud computing, computer network applications
Shi Xuanhua Parallel and distributed computing, multi-core architecture and system software. The current main research cloud computing and big data processing, heterogeneous parallel computing
Tu Gang Embedded real-time system
Real-time scheduling algorithm
Qu Bin Bin(female) Software Security Testing Software Vulnerability Discovery Data Mining
Pan Peng modern database theory and technology, multi-modal big data intelligent management,Mobile Real-time Database,Massive Multi-structured Data Intelligent Retrieval Technology
Shao Zhiyuan Big data processing
Operating system design
Parallel distributed computing
Qiang Wei in Software vulnerability protection,Virtualization security,Cloud Computing
Jinliang Hai image Processing, Medical Image Processing
Video enhancement, monitoring, and target tracking
Embedded Systems,
Hu Ying Song Computer network application technology, computer graphics and image processing, data mining and knowledge discovery, computer simulation technology
Li Jianjun machine learning, deep learning , calculated in real time,mobile computing,spatial data management
He Yunfeng Content-based video information processing and retrieval, high-dimensional data indexing, computer graphics
Guan Tao 3D modeling technology
Computer Vision Technology for Embedded Devices
Ma Xiaojing multimedia technology and information security,cloud computing and big data
Liu Haikun Memory computing, virtualization technology art, cloud, new non-volatile memory, in parallel with the sub- distributed processing
Lv Xinqiao Multicore and virtualization, big data, mobile internet
Lu Feng(female) mobile Internet architecture, mobile video cloud services, social networking
Liu Fangming Parallel & Distributed Systems,big data,cloud computing,Wireless Communications ,Mobile Computing,
Liao Xiaofei parallel distributed computing, multi-core architecture and system software, mobile cloud computing.
Li Yuhua(female) Data mining, social network analysis, big data mining analysis, distributed computing and cloud computing
Li Ruixuan Distributed computing and cloud computing; distributed system security; big data storage, management and analysis; information retrieval; data mining; social networks
Gimhae computer architecture, parallel and distributed processing, virtualization and cloud computing, big data, network security, cluster computing and grid computing, peer computing, network storage.
Jiang Wenbin Multi-core architecture and applications, parallel distributed computing, image processing, media computing
Huaqiang wins network algorithm and distributed computing,distributed algorithm design, analysis and distributed programming applications
Ding Xiaofeng big data management, cloud computing, data privacy protection methods, data query processing technology.
Chen Min Internet of Things,5G Networks, Mobile Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking, Medical Big Data, Medical Cloud Security and Privacy Protection, Human Area Networks, Emotional Communication, and Robotics
Chen Hanhua distributed computing,big data processing, online social networking systems, wireless sensor networks, peer-to-peer computing.
Xu Ruchu Practical Solution to Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Xu Liping(female) Modern database system ,software engineering software component technology ,software synthesis technology, intelligent computing,
Xu Haiyin Computer graphics, computer animation
 He Kun(female) data mining and machine learning;
Xiang Wen computer application. Including data security, trusted computing, big data analysis
Lv Zhipeng Complex System Modeling and Optimization, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Intelligent Decision Making, Big Data Analytics, Scheduling and Planning, NP-Hard Problem Solving, Heuristic Optimization
 Li Guohui Modern data management theory and technology, including data mining, spatial data management, data flow processing, web data processing and big data processing; real-time computing, including real-time operating system, real-time task scheduling, real-time task scheduling
Cao Zhongsheng Modern Database Theory and Technology
Yang Tianruo parallel and distributed computing, embedded and pervasive computing, and big data
Shiguang  Ju Information Security, Trusted Systems, Visual Spatial DBMS, Data Mining.
Shengli Wu Data base and information systems,information retrieval, machine learning, Web technology
Changda Wang Information security, Model Checking, E-learning 
Fei Han Pattern Recognition, Swarm Intelligence, Intelligent Information Processing
Yuquan Zhu Data Mining,Complex Informati- on System Integration, KDD, datadase systems & it’s application
Tiejun Xiao Embedded Computing & System
Yisong Liu Distributed Virtual Environment, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Reasoning about Action, Spatio-temporal Reasoning, Semantic Web
Bao Kejin Research interests include embedded system application, intelligent control,
Xinsheng Wang Wireless Sensor Network, Database Technology
Jiming Chen Distributed System、Network
Lanling Zeng(female) Computer Graphics
Yi Zhu Research interests include Information Centric Network, Content Centric Network and UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Development
Nianqiang Zhao Embedded System
Conghua Zhou Model Checking, Multi-agents, Secure Operating System, Modal Logic, Access Control
Li Li(female) 1) Fuzzy Fault Detection and Diagnosis;
2) Simulation and Intelligent Control;
3) Intelligent Algorithm and Optimization
XiaoLong Zhu Include Coding Theory, Software System Framework, Large-scale Information system.
Zhiwen Zou Research interests include Database Theory, distributed system , information security and virtual reality.
Bi Jianliang Machine learning
Xie Jun Rough Set Theory and Application
Kunqi Guo Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing.
Tao Cai Cloud Storage, operating system, artificial intelligence
Weihe Chen Research interests include Formal Methods and their applications in Software Security and Reliability, Program Analysis and Attack, Intrusion Detection, Database Security and Privacy
Wenhui Nie Database theory and application,Data Mining,SCADA
Feng Li Video Processing, Embedded Computing
Xingyi Li include Intelligent Transportation Systems, Intelligent Data Processing and Decision Support, Police Information Systems, Emergency Response Command Systems
Hongjin Wang(female) Research interests include Signal Processing, Wireless communication technology, RFID, bluetooth tenology 
Qian Zhu(female) Digital Image Processing, Natural Language Processing
Xuehua Song(female) Communications and embedded software design, Automotive electronic, Distributed Control System
Chen Zu Jue Embedded computing and Embedded system、Wireless sensor networks、Intelligent Instruments、the key technology and basic theory in Remote wireless video monitor technology and the research and development for products
Huaji Shi Modern Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Web Mining, Information System;
Anrong Xue Research interests include data mining, machine learning, spatial database theory and technology, geographic information system, multimedia technology.
Yan Li Computer Application,Software Engineering
Hebiao  Yang Research interests include Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Data Mining, Information System , Technique & Application of Database.
Yuehua Zhao Research interests include Information Theory and security Technology, Communication security, Secure Embedded System.and its Application
Lianying Zhou(female) Research interests include Network Security, Network Performance, Wireless Network, Electronic Commerce, Internet of Things
Na Zhu (female) Research interests include All Optical Networks, Network Optimization, Optical Access Networks, Wireless Optical Communication, and Wireless Sensor Networks.
Jianming Zhang Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, System Simulation, Virtual Reality
Fang Yuntuan Design of new photonic device; Applications of metamaterial in optical circuit
Qing Lin Research interests include Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Data Mining, Image Recognition, Face Recognition, Emotion Recognition, Computer Application Technology, DataBase & DataWarehouse, Decision Support.;
Yongzhao Zhan Human Computer Interaction, Distributed Computing
Yuqing Song Medical Image Processing, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Computer Application in Medicine
Shu  Yan(female) Mobile Communication & Wireless Technology and Electromagnetic field & Microwave technology, with emphasis on Wireless Sensor Network, Antenna and Computational Electromagnetics
Qirong Mao(female) Multimedia Processing, Big data on Multimedia, Human-Computer Interaction
Lixia Yang Electromagnetic Scattering of Complex Objects, Computational Electromagnetics, Electromagnetic Characteristics of Complex Media, Microwave Plasma Electromagnetics, RF Microwave Circuits Design, and Antenna Theory and Design in Wireless Commnication System;
Jinfu Chen software testing, trusted software and information security
Liangmin Wang Wireless Networks Security, Security and Privacy of Big Data
Keyang Cheng Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Processing
Ma Xin International Education  
Wang Wenli International Education
Na Jun International Education
Yan Peng International Education  
Leanne Li International Education  
Mason Zhu International Education 
Lee International Education 
Tak International Education
Jessica International Education 
Hao Ying (Марина) International Education
Rachel International Education
Anna International Education
Shi Liju (Kitty) Students’ Affairs Office Admission Office
He Huan (Becky) Students’ Affairs Office Admission Office
Cui Xiao (Matthew) Students’ Affairs Office Admission Office
Jiang Wanli Students’ Affairs Office Admission Office
Wang Xin (Rebecca) Students’ Affairs Office Admission Office
Wang Yuan (Coco) Students’ Affairs Office Admission Office
Luo Haijun(Jenny) Students’ Affairs Office Admission Office
Bu Jiajun Embedded software and system
Information Retrieval & Data Mining
Mobile Multimedia 
Weidong Geng erceptual User Interface Context-aware via mobile phone Motion captured animation Motion editing, synthesis and choreography Computer Assisted Cartoon Animation Non-photorealistic Computer Graphics Game development and digital entertainment Shoe CAD system
Xu Congfu Artificial Intelligence
Qinming He Machine Learning; Web mining; Web-based Education; Geography Information Systems
Chen Wei computer graphics and volume visualization
Hu Min(female) State Key Lab of CAD &CG

College of Computer Science
Gao Shuming Product modeling, CAX integration, Internet based collaborative design, virtual reality in design and manufacturing, CAD, concurrent engineering, MEMS CAD
Sun Shouqian  Computer-Aided Industrial Design and Conceptual Design ;
•  Digital Ergonomics and Design ;
•  Technology and Application of The Virtual Human ;
•  New Media Art and Design;
Luo Shijian Product Innovation Design
Computer-Aided Industrial Design
Human Factor and Ergonomics
Human-Machine Interaction Design
Yao Min Computational Intelligence; Fuzzy Information Processing; Intelligent Decision Making; Data Mining & Knowledge Management; Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Chen Wenzhi Embedded Systems & Realtime System
Distributed ComputingCloud Computer

Media Network System and Technology
Network Area Storage
Xiaolin Zheng Electronic Commerce, Service Computing, Social Network and Social Computing
Zhuang Yueting Video-based human animation; Multimedia information analysis and retrieval; Digital library; Intelligent CAD
Wang Jiangqin(female) Image/Video processing
Pattern recognition
Digital library
Yin Jianwei Network middleware (J2EE 、 Web Service 、 Workflow 、 PMI etc).
Information search technology for next network infrastructure.
Computer security.
Computer supported cooperative work.
Product data system.
Digital image processing.
Tang Min Collaborative Feature Modeling,
Chinese Calligraphy Synthesis,
GPU based Applications
Non-photorealistic Rendering 
Tong Ruofeng 1.Computer Graphics
2.Scientific Visualization
3.Modeling and Parametric Design
4.Virtual Reality
Wei Baogang Texture synthesis
Image Processing
Pattern Recognition
Data Base and Knowledge Base System
Computer Assisted Cartoon Animation
Lin Lanfen(female) CAX
Product modeling
Networked Manufacturing
Lu Dongming Media Network System and Technology
Digital Relics & Arts
Network Virtual Environment and Interactive Media
Security of Network and Information
Chen Deren  Modeling Technology,CAD/CAM m,Product Design System,Graphic and Intelligent User Interface,Mathematics Graphical
Wang Qiang Pattern Codification for Stereo Vision,Surface Reconstruction,Polygonizing implicit surface,Surface blending,Cubic Triangular Surface Reconstruction, Image Preprocessing for OCR ,Halftone reproduction
LuXiqun Wireless Ad Hoc Networking, Video Streaming over the Internet, Computer Vision, Digital Signal/Image/Video Processing
Lin Huai Zhong Database and Data Mining
Secure Computation
Mobile Computing
Cailiang Cloud Computing, Computer & Network Security, Software Engineering, Finance Information Processing
YingJing Software Development Methodology
Software Architecture
Software Engineering
YangXiaohu Very large-scale information system
software engineering
financial informatics
Chenchun Image Processing
Computer Vision
Embedded Systems
Chengang Database and Mass Data Management
Embedded System IDE
Information Security
ChenGencai Database technologies
data mining
Pervasive computing and cooperative technology
Intelligent information processing
Chenyue(female) Medical Image Processing
Semantic Web, and Mesh Deformation
LiShanping Distributed Computing
Very Large Information System
Linux Kernel and its application
Software Engineering

Prof. Ju Chunhua

Information Engineering and Electronic Business Research Institute, Computer Technology and Software Engineering Research Institute, and Management Science and Engineering Research Institute.
Wu Jianbin not mention in profile
Dr. Chen Qian multimedia technologies and applications, embedded systems, software, human-machine interface design and web application
Dr. Dong Jun laser technology, passively Q-switched microchip solid-state lasers, and ceramic laser and optoelectronic materials
Dr. Luo Xiongbiao computer-assisted surgery, computer vision, medical image computing, computational photography
Dr. Liu Xiangrong biomolecular computing, bioinformatics, medical image processing
Dr. Li Shaozi computer vision, machine learning, multimedia information retrieval, pedestrian detection and human behavior analysis
Dr. Li Cuihua video and image processing
Dr. Lei Yunqi, Professor computer vision and image processing, computer networks and software, intelligent systems
Dr. Huang Wencai femtosecond pulse compression, fiber lasers and applications
Dr. Huang Lianfen(female) wireless communications, communication signal processing and communications interference, embedded systems
Dr. Guo Donghui artificial intelligence, network communications, and integrated circuit design
Dr. Dong Xiaopeng waveguide theory and technology, fiber-optic technology and its application in optical communication and optical sensing
Dr. Ding Xinghao Deep Learning, machine learning, medical image processing and analysis, computer vision, smart data analysis and processing
Dr. Cheng En underwater communication, signal processing, embedded systems
Dr. Cai Zhiping laser technology and applications, fiber optic technology and applications
Yang Chenhui Graphics, data mining, architecture, intelligent system, industry informatization and intelligence
Zhang Defu Computational intelligence, data mining, big data processing technology, online decision optimization
Wang Bangzi Intelligent Analysis of Computer Vision Pattern Recognition Remote Sensing Image
Wang Cheng Computer Vision Information Fusion Intelligent Remote Sensing Image Processing
Li Cuihua Computer Vision, Video and Image Processing, Wavelet Transform Theory and Its Applications, Artificial Neural Network
Chen Kai Software Engineering
Wang Qicong Intelligent Information Processing, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence
Wang Liansheng Data mining, big data applications, machine learning and deep learning, as well as in medical data, financial data analysis
Ju Ying(female) Biological Function Modeling and Simulation, Biomedical Image Processing, Finite Element Physical Model and Virtual
Zhao Chong Computer graphics
Xie Yi(female) Network performance optimization and safety technology research, system modeling and simulation, software development
Wu Meihong(female) Machine Intelligence; Perception Mechanism; Dynamic Cognitive Logic System, Uncertainty Reasoning; Audio-visual
Zengxiang Xiang Neural Computing, Intelligent Algorithms, Business Data Mining
Linzi Yu Database, Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Big Data
Cao Liu Juan Computer Vision, Remote Sensing Image Processing, Multimedia Content Retrieval
Huang Xiaoyang Medical Image Processing, Bioinformatics Modeling, Virtual Surgery, Mobile Medical Applications
Min Xiaoping Embedded Systems, Biomedical Instrument Development, Biomedical Image Processing
Zheng Wei Distributed Computing, Scheduling, Algorithms
Zhang Dong Database Theory and Applications
Yan Yan Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing
Wu Suzhen(female) Computer System Architecture, Computer Storage and Network Storage Systems
Qu Yan Yun(female) Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Machine Vision
Lin Chen(female) Web data mining
Huang Bao computer application
Feng Shaorong Database Theory and Application Technology
Chen Yi Jiang Natural language processing, artificial intelligence
Chen Zhonggui Visualization and Computer Graphics, Digital Image Processing
Chen Jinxiu(female) Information Extraction & Retrieval; Natural Language Processing; Machine Learning; Data Mining
XIN HUANG security protocols and Internet of Things
ANDREW ABEL  image processing, machine learning, speech processing, and other cognitively inspired speech research.
TING CAO not mention on web
PAUL CRAIG taxonomy, bioinformatics and intelligent interfaces
MUHAMMAD ALAM not mention on web
CHARLES FLEMING not mention on web
STEVEN GUAN machine learning, data mining, data analytics, modeling, security, networking, mobile commerce, coding theory, and pseudorandom number generation.
GANGMIN LI Knowledge Engineering (KE), Agent and Multi-agent systems, Distributed systems, Grid technology and HCI
HAI NING LIANG Human-Computer Interaction
Information Visualization
Learning/Educational Technologies
Mobile, Collaborative, and Gaming Technologies
DAWEI LIU Distributed localization system and spatial data structure
KA LOK MAN Formal methods and process algebras
Modeling, simulation and verification of distributed, timed, hybrid, embedded, latency insensitive systems and cyber physical systems
Low power design, analysis and tools for Integrated Circuits (ICs), System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and Network-on-a-Chip (NoC)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
Photovoltaic system design and realization and battery management systems
Antenna applications and Communication
WEI WANG Data and Knowledge Engineering and In- ternet of Things, in particular, knowledge discovery from social media data, semantic search, ontology learning, service discovery and ranking, big smart city data processing.
Computer graphics
Operations research
AI applications
BAILING ZHANG Deep learning with applications in computer vision
(2) Bioinformatics:
Network biology
Machine learning and Bayesian inference in miRNA network
Bio-image informatics (biological image processing)
Microarray analysis
Mass spectra analysis (feature extraction and classification)
(3) Pattern recognition and machine learning, with emphasis on new advanced methods, particularly robust and reliable methods, for solving real-world problems, in various forensic applications including surveillance, open set face matching/retrieval, visual object detection, tracking and retrieval, signature verification et al.
Han Weili Policy-Based Systems Management, Internet of Things Security, Information Security, Distributed Systems
Li Yinsheng E-commerce and e-government
Li Minbo Human-computer interaction and service engineering
Peng Xin Software Maintenance and Evolution, Adaptive Software, Mobile
Shen Liwei Software Engineering
Tang Yuan Parallel algorithms and data structures, system software
Wang Xiaoyang Big data parallel analysis, data system security and privacy
Wu Yi Jian Software Engineering
Zhang Mi(female) E-commerce recommendation system, social network
Yang Min Android system, virtual machine performance and security, system
Zhang Weihua Architecture, compiler optimization and parallel computing
Zhao Weidong Business Intelligence Big Data Analysis Application
Zhao Yunlei Cryptography, network and information security, computational
Zheng Xiaoqing Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent
Zhao Yiming Cryptography, information security
Zhao Wenyun Software engineering, enterprise application integration, e-commerce
Chi Ming Min(female) machine learning, financial data analysis, remote sensing image analysis
Chen Bi Huan Software Engineering, Program Analysis, Software Testing, Software Security
Chen Xueqing(female) multimedia information retrieval, network coding
Chen Yang computer networks, social networks, distributed system
Chen Yan Computer Vision, Big Data Machine Learning.
Ding Xiang Hua(female) human-computer interaction, computer-supported collaborative work, pervasive computing
Guo Yuefei pattern recognition, image, video analysis
Gu Ning Computer Support Collaboration (CSCW), Collaboration and Cloud Computing, Social Computing
Huang Xuan cyanine(female) natural language processing, information retrieval, data-intensive computing
Jiang Yugang multimedia big data (video, image, audio) analysis and retrieval, deep learning, computer vision, pattern recognition
Jincheng multimedia analysis and retrieval, human-computer interaction
Jin Lingfei Coding, Cryptography, Algorithms and Complexity Analysis
Kan Haibin Coding and Information Theory, Cryptography and Information Security, Computational Complexity
Li Wei Audio information processing, multimedia information security
Li Min wave Internet of Things information processing, management information systems, enterprise application integration
Lv Zhihui network multimedia technology, streaming media content distribution technology, cloud computing and service computing technology, big data architecture, edge computing, cloud data center management technology, network education technology,
Li Yinsheng Unstructured online data processing technology and application based on multidimensional semantics Service Oriented Development Technology and Application for Cloud Computing
Road red(female) use mam Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition
Rudolf Fleischer  Efficient Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Approximations and Online Algorithms, FPT Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory
Peng Xin software maintenance and evolution, intelligent software development, mobile computing and cloud computing
Qiu Xipeng structured machine learning, natural language processing, automated question answering system
Sun Xiaoguang Computer System Architecture, Embedded Systems
Sun Weiwei Spatial Data Processing and LBS, Wireless Data Broadcasting, Service Computation in Ad hoc Networks
Shen Yifan network graphics, large-scale scientific computing, machine voice
Sha Zhao Feng data management and data mining, machine learning
Tao Xiaopeng natural language processing, computational linguistics, text management
Wu Chengrong Information Security, Internet Applications
Wu Yi Jian software engineering, software reuse, software product line, software maintenance and re-engineering
Wu Yonghui database, algorithm design and analysis
Wu Bai-feng high performance computing, embedded systems, computer architecture
Wang Wei database, data mining
Wang Fang(female) database, computer-supported collaborative work
Wang Xin Next Generation Internet Architecture, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Data Center Networks, Networked Storage Systems,
Wang Xiaoyang Spatial-temporal mobile data analysis, data system security and privacy, big data parallelism analysis
Wang Peng data mining, data flow processing, mass data management
Bear Yun(female) Data Science and Data Science, Financial Data Mining, Big Data Processing
Xu Xiao Yin(female) Macroeconomics, Social Security
Xue Xiangyang multimedia content analysis, retrieval and filtering; video surveillance; machine learning
Xiao Yang Database, Data Mining; Mass Data Processing, Graph Database, Graph Data Mining
Xie Zhipeng Data Mining, Web Mining, Bioinformatics
Yang Min  Android Systems, Virtual Machine Performance and Security, System Security, Concurrent Error Debugging Tools.
Yan Bo Image and Video Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition
Yang Ming(female) computer network technology, network and system testing, broadband multimedia technology
Zhou Shuigeng Network Data Management and Search, Mass Data Mining and Learning, Bioinformatics, Financial Information Processing
Zhou Xiangdong Multimedia, Web Data Management, Machine Vision and Intelligent Computing
Zhou Yaqian(female) Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction, QA and Related Machine Learning Methods
Zhang Shou Databases and Data Mining
Zhang Wei machine learning, pattern recognition, multimedia information retrieval
Zhang Jianguo graphics and image processing, cryptography and coding research
Zhang Yanchun Big Data, E-Health, Databases, Data Mining, Social Computing, Web Services
Zhang Yue Jie(female) cross-media information processing and retrieval, natural language understanding
Zhang Xinpeng Multimedia Information Security, Ciphertext Area Signal Processing, Secure Cloud Computing, Big Data Privacy Protection, Digital Image Processing
Zhang Qi natural language processing, information retrieval, data-intensive computing
Zhu Shan Data Mining, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, and Intelligent Information Processing (Biological, Financial and Internet Information).
Zhu Yang Yong Data Science and Data Science
Zhang Zhongzhi Complex Networks, Random Walk, Quantum Information, Theoretical Computer Science
Zhao Yunlei Cryptography Theory and Applications, Network Security.
Zhao Wen Yun software engineering, enterprise application integration, e-commerce
Zhao Weidong business intelligence, e-commerce
Zhao Yiming cryptography and information security
Zheng Xiaoqing natural language understanding, semantic web, intelligent systems
Jianguo Xiao Computer Graphics
Image and Video Processing
Web Information Processing and Text Mining
Zongming Guo ■  Multimedia streaming
■  Image / video compression
■  Image and video retrieval
■  Watermarking
■  IPTV, mobile multimedia
Jianwu Yang Text Mining; Information Retrieval; SGML/XML
Yuxin Peng Video & Image Understanding and Retrieval

Multimedia Information Search and Mining

Multimedia Content Security
Zhi Tang Document Processing,  Digital Rights Management
Yan Zhu Public-key Broadcast Encryption and Traitor Tracing and its Security Mechanism ,Network Survivability based on Secure Multiparty Computation and its Platform Construction
Jiaying Liu(female) Multimedia Signal Processing with emphasis on Digital Image/Video Compression and Processing Techniques, including
●  Image/Video super-resolution, sparse representation
●  Scalable video coding and optimization
●  Perceptual video coding and processing
●  Visual quality assessment
SunJun Scalable video coding
Rate-distortion analysis
Statistical analysis of transform signal
3G video scheduling
Feng Xiufang(female) Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence
Ma Jianfen(female) Signal Processing
Zhao Juan Juan(female) Intelligent Information Processing, Image Recognition, Internet of Things
Zhang Xiaolong Visual Analysis, Human-Computer Interaction
Li Haifang(female) Big data intelligence analysis, computer vision, emotion calculation
Tian Yuling(female) Intelligent Computing Theory and Fault Diagnosis
Qiang Yan Image big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing
xiang jie(female) Big data management and analysis, brain science and intelligent computing, computer network and information security
Baoning Niu Big data management and analysis, cloud computing
Chen Yongle Wireless location, Internet of things security
Deng Hongxia(female) Computer vision, video image processing, intelligent information processing
Duan Li Chinese information processing (automatic question answering system, text emotion analysis, entity relationship extraction, knowledge map)
Guo Hao Intelligent Information Processing, Big Data, Brain Informatics, Wisdom Medical
Hao Xiaoli(female) Intelligent Information Processing, Image Processing, Big Data
Hao Xiaoyan(female) Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence
ailian jiang(female) Big data analysis and processing, machine learning, computer vision, wireless sensor network
Li Aiping(female) Software formalization, Internet of Things data processing, intelligent information processing
Lu Jin computer science and Technology
Software Process Technology
Meng Dong Xia(female) Computer software and algorithms
Wang Bin Neuroimaging, Big Data Analysis, Cognitive Nervous and Brain Functions, Brain Net Groupology, Genomics, Psychosomatic and Neurological Pathogenesis and Diagnostic Studies
Ox Yin(feamle) Database and intelligent information processing
Chunhua( female) 3D image modeling and its visualization, graphic image retrieval
Wang Huiqing(female) Intelligent Information Processing and Data Mining
Wu Shuhong Computer applications, audio and video coding algorithms, intelligent information processing
Yang Li-feng Machine learning, intelligent decision making, information system
Zhu Xiaojun Intelligent Computing, Artificial Intelligence

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